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Tighten Fuel Cap Message – Whose Great Idea Was That?


If you own a new model Acura, you’ve probably seen this message and you’ve probably spent more than a fair amount of time trying to tighten the cap before “face palming” and calling the local Acura store. Contrary to popular belief this isn’t just an “indicator light.” It monitors the evaporative system and will illuminate the light whenever a leak is detected to provide awareness of potential fuel vapors, which is great for me because I enjoy good fuel economy and don’t particularly enjoy the smell of fuel. It’s also something you can easily try to fix yourself with a few minutes troubleshooting and a couple of days of driving!

The tighten fuel cap message appears when:

An evaporative system leak is detected. This may be caused by the fuel cap being loose or not being installed correctly usually after a quick refill on busy day.

What to do when the message appears:

  1. Pull over somewhere safe and stop the engine
  2. Check that the fuel fill cap is fully installed
  3. If not, loosen the cap, and tighten it until it clicks at least once
  4. Cycle the ignition (turn car on and off); and take an extended drive or after a day of regular driving (to work and back should do it) the message should disappear.

When the malfunction indicator lamp comes on:

The vehicle’s malfunction indicator lamp comes on if the system continues to detect a leak of gasoline vapor after checking the fuel cap.  If this happens, check the fuel fill cap one more time using the procedures described above. If that doesn’t solve the issue after another day of normal driving put a call into your local Acura Store, we would love to help!

Happy driving,

Acura Columbus


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