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Battery died, radio stopped working? We can help with that!


So you get in from a long day of work, pull your Acura in the garage and leave your lights on, left the door cracked, or maybe you just got back from a family event and the kids left a DVD playing or a map light on.  Now your battery is dead!  You spend a good chunk of time calling AAA or a significant other to come give you a jump-start and wouldn’t you know it now none of your entertainment or navigation works.

If you drive a newer model Acura most of the electronics (radio, navigation) have a state of the art anti-theft system; which prevents anyone from removing your electronics and using them in another vehicle without the security codes from the original owner.

Most of the time this information can be found on the anti-theft code card that’s provided in the owner’s manual at the time of purchasing the vehicle.  Alternatively there should also be a small white sticker on the inside of the passenger glove compartment.  If you’re having trouble locating the card or sticker you can also flip through the owner’s manual.  Occasionally it will be written on one of the first few pages under the owner’s information. If you’re still having trouble finding the code here are a few simple steps to obtain the radios serial number (or you could put a call into the Acura store you purchased your vehicle from.) and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

How to obtain your radio’s serial number (Only applies to 2006 or later model years):

  1. Power on vehicle
  2. Power off radio
  3. While pressing the radios “power” button simultaneously press and hold “1” and “6” on the radios presets and a serial number should start scrolling across the radios display.  Write this number down and put a call into your local Acura store and an associate should be able to provide you with the proper anti-theft code.

Now, for the exciting part; once you obtain the correct anti-theft code (by any of the before mentioned steps) you will only have THREE attempts at entering the code.  After THREE attempts the anti-theft system will lock the user out, and you will have to pay a visit to your local Acura store for additional assistance.

Upon successful entry you should hear a confirmation tone and the radio should power on to a default station.  Your presets and settings may be erased and you may have to re-enter everything.  Keep in mind if you have a vehicle equipped with Navigation or satellite radio you will have to position the car in an open area with the ignition on to re-acquire the signal from an orbiting satellite.  Like with the radio once a successful signal has been reached the navigation will power on to default settings.

We at Acura Columbus hope this helps save some time or answer any questions you may have regarding the radio or anti-theft system.  Stay tuned for our second anti-theft / security article covering the process of replacing and reprogramming keys!

Happy Driving,

Acura Columbus


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