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Wheel lugs? No! Wheel locks!


You’ve probably wondered why you would need wheel locks when your wheels already come with a set of lug nuts. Wheel lugs aren’t necessarily locks. Yes, they do hold your wheel on but with lugs anyone with a basic set of tools and a few minutes could be able to remove your wheels and leave you stranded. With wheel locks you get the added security of there only being ONE “key” or “tool” that will remove the lock. The chances of anyone ever having the same design lock as you are slim to none.

In fact, wheel locks are so far different and in-between that each dealership gets a “Master” set of locks to use when customers come to service their vehicle’s. Most service stations not supported by the Acura brand will not have access to a Master set of keys, in which case you’ll need to be sure you provide them with your specific key (usually left in passenger glove box with the owners manual, or locked away with the spare tire and tools.)  You will also need to be sure they return the key to you when they’ve completed service.

If you accidentally misplace or leave your unique key with a service station and are unable to retrieve the key it usually takes around 2 weeks to get a replacement made.  It takes so long because we have to match your lug to a master key, then we have to place an order for a completely new key to be made from scratch.  If you happen to run into a situation where you need to remove a wheel without the key (such as a flat tire) it’s still possible to remove the lock, but it usually damages the lock in the process rendering them unusable. It isn’t as long of a wait to replace a complete set of locks and get a new key but it will cost a bit more so remember to keep your unique key in a safe place!

We at Acura pride ourselves in an exceptional product, but sometimes there can be a downfall to being at the top of your class. The Acura Integra was, and still is one of the most popular cars ever stolen in America – and we’ve decided to do something about it. From an all new state of the art anti-theft system, built-in key immobilizer system, down to having one of a kind wheel locks, you can rest assured the chances of someone stealing your Acura or even getting away with a set of wheels is nearly impossible. I hope we were able to answer any questions you may have had regarding wheel locks.  If you still have questions or need help with anything involving your Acura please feel free to contact your local Acura store where we’re more than happy to help!

Happy driving,

Acura Columbus


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