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What do you mean my car’s supposed to be making that noise!?


Yup, that’s right.  You read it correctly.  No, your car shouldn’t be making “noises.”  If at any point in time you feel uncomfortable about a sound your vehicle is making you should pay an immediate visit to your local Acura store where we’re more than happy to help.

Now back to the noise your car should be making.  Most cars on the road today come equipped with some sort of disk braking system.  The system is located within each wheel and is composed of a rotor, pad and a caliper. The rotor’s are attached directly to the wheels, and the pads rest around the outside of the rotor until brake pressure is applied then the caliper will squeeze the pads into making contact with your rotor effectively slowing the vehicle down.

Over time the brake pads and rotors will start to wear thin creating a “squeak” under break pressure.  This “squeak” will eventually evolve into a constant “squeal” once the pads become low enough in their life.  The squeak you are hearing is actually a warning strip. It’s a small metal clip that is attached to the brake pads and once the pads wear thin enough this metal strip will start to come in contact with your vehicle’s rotor causing the “squeak.”  This is to let you know that your brake pads are nearing the point of replacement and you should make an appointment as soon as possible to get them serviced.  If you do any extended driving while the pads are squeaking you may cause further damage to the vehicle.  The pads will wear so thin that the strip will start to dig itself into the rotor causing a small groove to form.  When this happens you may start to feel a “pull” (where the car starts to go left or right) or a small vibration in the pedal under heavy braking.  This can sometimes be fixed by simply turning the rotor, but in most cases it could lead to replacement which is costly.  So if you start hearing the warning noise, the sooner you make an appointment for an inspection the better it will be on all your brake components!

We hope this article helps ease your mind about any brake noise and helps provide a better idea of what to tell your service department next time you encounter any brake related issues!

As always happy driving,

Acura Columbus


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