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We live in a modern age where customizing ones possessions and having a “one off” piece of property is desired by almost anyone.  If everyone in the world drove around in nothing but plain black and grey cars what would you do the first time you see a red car, or even a blue car?  Well the first thought that would go through my mind would be “Where can I find one, and how can I acquire one.”  Luckily we live in a world where anything is possible, and we’re not restricted to only a few plain boring choices but rather a plethora of options no matter what it is we’re working with.  I think every vehicle owner has the same thought cross their mind at least once during ownership of a particular vehicle “How can I make this mine, how can I make it stand out from the others?”  Thankfully, we at Acura are here to help with that.  Every vehicle Acura designs also has a slew of accessory options to further customize the look, comfort, utility and sportiness of the vehicle.  From running boards, fog lights, entertainment packages, technology upgrades, performance suspension to all season floor mats we offer it all.

I know what you’re thinking, sure all that sounds good but why wouldn’t I just go to a local independent shop order everything I want and have it installed for half the cost?  Well this sort of ties in with a previous blog we published comparing the pro’s and con’s of an Acura certified service station to those of an independent owner.  Anytime you purchase a part, or have service done at an Acura service station there is going to be peace of mind because usually anything we do comes with some kind of warranty or guarantee.  With an independent owner they might not guarantee their work once you drive off the lot, and this could lead to potential problems down the road if something were to stop working correctly you would have to cover the costs out of pocket.  Another downfall to going to an independent shop and getting aftermarket accessories installed is the chance for your Acura’s warranty to be voided.  There are some things on your vehicle that just cannot be touched by anyone other than a certified Acura technician with an Acura genuine part, and most times the installation of an aftermarket accessory involves modifying some of the basic infrastructure of the Acura which will void your warranty and potentially make the car unsafe.

All Acura genuine accessories are designed by Acura for your Acura.  They are usually designed during the development of the vehicle to make sure that no matter the scenario the part will always fit and function 100%.  With Acura genuine accessories not only are you getting the best quality part your also going to have peace of mind knowing the parts are 100% safe and usually carry a warranty.  If you have the accessories installed at the time you purchase your Acura the parts are normally covered for 4 years 50 thousand miles.  If you have any accessories installed after the initial purchase of the vehicle they still carry a 1 year 12 thousand mile warranty.

A perfect example would be trying to get a tow hook installed on your new Acura SUV.  Chances are if you take it to an independent shop they will just throw a towing hook on the back of the car, take a razor cut apart the vehicles wiring harness to hijack the brake light signal and tape it up with some electrical tape and send you on your way.  The flip side of this is coming to an Acura certified service station and getting a towing package installed.  Acura’s towing package was designed by Acura to be 100% safe for your vehicle.  Not only will you get your tow hook installed, a transmission cooler to keep your car cool under load, and a clean wiring job for any sensors needed the technician is also going to look over the entire vehicle to make sure its 100% road worthy before sending it off.  The best part is, it’s not going to void your warranty it could actually increase the integrity and resale value of the Acura not jeopardize the safety or void a warranty like aftermarket parts could.

We hope this helps with any decisions you may make on getting any accessories installed, as always if you have any questions regarding the modification of your Acura or warranty information feel free to visit your local Acura store where we are always happy to help!

Happy driving,

Acura Columbus



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