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Maintenance reminders and what to expect


Most newer Acura’s have a maintenance reminder system.  It will display a code in the Acura’s multi-informational display reminding you that your due for a service appointment.  I’m sure you’ve been driving down the road and noticed a message pop up in orange saying “A1” or perhaps a “B1” and you’ve probably wondered what it means for your car, and what it means for you.

There are three main messages:

1.) Oil life percentage – Oil life will be displayed on the multi-informational display at all times but once it gets below 15% you’ll start noticing a reminder

  • 15% Service Due Soon – Plan to take your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance.
  • 5% Service Due Now – Take your vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance.
  • 0% Service Past Due – Service is overdue.  Take your vehicle in now for scheduled maintenance.

2.) Main maintenance reminders –  These are usually represented with a letter “A” or “B”

  • A – Replace just engine oil
  • B – Replace engine oil and oil filter.  Also inspect various systems and components

3.) Sub maintenance reminders – These are usually represented with a smaller number “1-6”

  • 1 – Rotate tires, and check tire pressure and condition.
  • 2 – Replace air cleaner element, check drive belt, and replace dust and pollen filter.
  • 3 – Replace transmission fluid and transfer-case fluid.
  • 4 – Replace spark plugs, replace timing belt, inspect water pump, and inspect valve clearance.
  • 5 – Replace engine coolant
  • 6 – Replace rear differential fluid.

So for example, if a reminder pops up saying “A1” when you bring your Acura in we’re going to recommend to change oil and rotate tires.

A “B5” would be replacing engine oil and filter, along with flushing the engines coolant.


Acura likes to maintain a hassle free ownership.  With the implementation of the service reminders we’ve tried to make hitting recommended service dates as easy as possible.  Hopefully the description and break down of each code helps you be more prepared for your next service appointment.  If you have anymore questions regarding your Acura’s service or service codes feel free to contact your local Acura store where we are always happy to help!

Happy driving,

Acura Columbus




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