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Don’t forget to treat your Acura to a gift this holiday season!


While you’re out doing all the holiday shopping for significant others, children, or just hitting a black Friday sale for yourself keep your Acura in mind this holiday season. Winter is here and the change in weather can bring peril to your car’s systems. Freezing temps, salted roads and wintery precipitation can wreak havoc your car if you don’t give it a good pre-winter maintenance session. Here are a few things to check over before enjoying the winter wonderland this year:
Antifreeze: Check your antifreeze, make sure it’s filled with as close to a 50/50 mix as possible. If there is more water in the system then coolant there is a potential for the cooling system to freeze up. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had it checked you may want to opt for a full flush of the system to rule out any possibility of something going wrong this winter season.
Tires: Inspect your tires. With heavy rain, ice, sleet, and snow you need to be sure your tires are ready to tackle whatever Mr. Snow Miser can throw at you this season. General rule of thumb is no less than 2/32″ tread remaining for your tires to safely drive on them. But for winter, we like to recommend at least a 4/32″ tread to help with moving and packing snow. Winter tires would be the best choice, not only do you get MUCH better handling but you’ll also save the tread life of your regular tires by not driving on them all winter season.
Wiper blades: Have your blades inspected. They tend to wear out much quicker during the winter months. Dry conditions alongside of ice and snow can deteriorate the blades much faster than daily use during the summer months. If you’re starting to notice streaks or choppiness between wiper intervals that’s usually a good sign they need to be replaced. Keeping the windshield cleaned will also help extended the life of the wipers and help with visibility.
Windshield washer fluid: Make sure you washer fluid is topped off and ready to go. It would also be wise to add some “deicer” to the mix if you live in a really cold climate to help with the layers of ice that can build up. Also be sure to not add water to the mix, windshield washer fluid will not freeze.
Battery: Have your battery cleaned and tested. More often than not the terminals on top of the battery will start to corroded overtime. This can cause resistance in your electrical system and could potentially cause startup / charging issues. Have the battery tested to be sure it’s within manufacture specs; a battery can still test well but need replaced. In cold weather climate batteries can deteriorate much quicker because of the harsher driving conditions.
Brakes: Have your brakes inspected; make sure they have plenty of life left before heading out in wintery conditions. Snow and ice can build up within the wheel wells and cause resistance reducing overall acceleration, braking, and handling characteristics of your Acura.
Oil: Last but not least, make sure your oil is topped off and fresh. With the harsh conditions of winter you oil should be changed as often as possible to avoid any possibility of engine failure.
We hope these tips help you on your journey through winter, as always if you still have any questions regarding winterizing your Acura feel free to contact your local Acura store where we’re always more than happy to help!

Happy driving,

Acura Columbus


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