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2015 Acura NSX Powertrain released

After much speculation Honda finally unveiled the 2015 NSX’s V6, except with a twist; Honda has mounted a pair of turbo chargers into the mix.  Hoping to compete with the Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren MP4-12C with a Porsche 911 price tag should make for a very interesting car.

Acura wouldn’t confirm any details or specs on their new platform other than the engine will be unique to the NSX and isn’t simply an RLX motor with two turbochargers.  At a quick glance you’re able to tell the V6 is just shy of 90 degrees not a traditional 60 degree V6 Honda is known for.  It also seems to use a dry-sump and employs Honda’s new direct injection technology.

One of the major changes on the new NSX is the engine layout.  Unlike the original “transverse” layout the new NSX will utilize a “longitudinal” layout.  The new NSX retains the front mounted electric motors that will drive the front wheels independently of one another, as well as a third electric motor that is integrated into the transaxle.  Acura has stated it will be a dual-clutch unit although they won’t confirm the number of gears.

Most of the details regarding the NSX still haven’t been released.  Honda has stated that the new drivetrain changes will not change the release date of 2015.




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