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Acura Rumored to Develop Convertible NSX

More news from everyone’s favorite hybrid sports car.  Acura’s NSX principal designer Jun Goto told Autocar “We are looking at the convertible… but we have a long way to go with it.”

Goto wasn’t allowed to mention if the new NSX convertible will be a soft top or a retractable hardtop.  However, there is speculation that the upcoming convertible NSX will be a full roadster and not a targa model like the previous generation of the NSX.  Goto goes on to tell Autocar that the production car is actually completely different from the concept car.  “The production car is larger in every direction than the concept but it looks almost exactly the same. At least 95 per cent of the exterior styling will be carried over to the production car.”  The interior will be slightly changed as well.  Unlike most concept cars the interior on the NSX isn’t going to be “dulled” down for production but rather “jazzed” up.  Interior designer Yuki Inamori said “We want to offer the customer something even more exciting than what you see here (referring to the concept model).”  The final release of the production NSX has yet to be released.  Honda is trying to get it ready in time for the Detroit motor show in January 2015.





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