Ohio's first Acura Dealer

What we know about the 2015 Acura TLX

We will try to keep this as light as possible given the current coverage of the Acura TLX.  We aren’t going to copy and paste the same article you’ve read across the internet.  Instead we are going to break down what we know, and what we don’t know about the newly reviled Acura TLX.

Technology features and options (tentative):
-Jewel Eye LED head lights
-20″ Alloy wheels
-LED Turn signals in mirrors
-ECON, Normal, and sport modes
-IDS (Integrated Dynamics System)
-CMBS (Collision Mitigation Braking System)
-LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
-FCW (Forward Collision Warning)
-ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
-LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System)
-BSI (Blind Spot Indicator)
-2.4 litre 4 cylinder I-VTEC direct injection motor paired to a 8 speed DCT transmission on a FWD P-AWS chassis
-3.5 litre V6 VTEC direct injection with VCM paired with a 9 speed transmission on the SH-AWD chassis










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